So magical, we had to call it a Wand.

An instrument for your imagination.

The invention of the mouse completely changed how we interacted with computers. Instead of typing commands, anyone could simply point and click. By making it easier to operate computers, we also changed what we could create with computers.

That was fifty years ago.

Now, it is time to take another radical step forward. Introducing Wand, a device that bridges the divide between what we can imagine and what we can create.

Three-dimensions of freedom,
infinite amounts of expression.

Enabling freedom in three-dimensions allows for interactions that are completely new, yet feel totally natural. Wand combines the fluidity of a pen with the power of your computer to make complicated commands effortless and even enjoyable.

Sign, sketch, squeeze.
Or just scroll.

In addition to all new interactions like flicking, waving and squeezing, Wand still does the basic point, click and scroll.

New tricks for old apps.

Forget shortcuts like alt + ⌘ + Z, if you ever remembered them. Teach Wand to control your favorite applications by assigning intuitive gestures, like Flick-Left to Undo or Toss to Close.

With great power,
comes great possibilities.

In addition to new interactions, we have some other tricks up our sleeve. Wand will ship with exclusive new software, then open the platform for developers to create and sell new applications.

Sketch, swing, or strum
with the wave of your wand.

Wand has a familiar form, yet extraordinary capabilities. Use it for designing, gaming, composing or creating. Focus on what you're doing, not how to do it.

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